Tungsten Silver? Is that Silver Fake or Real?

/, Silver/Tungsten Silver? Is that Silver Fake or Real?

Tungsten Silver? Is that Silver Fake or Real?

Please be careful when purchasing coins. Finding a reputable company is so important. We encourage consumers to know exactly whom your dealing with before buying silver or gold coins. Visit a coin shop, hold the coin, ask them to weigh it.

Jewelry, Diamonds & Coins and Gold & Jewelry Direct test every coin in our inventory for it’s Silver content and authenticity. Please stop by our Algonquin or Crystal Lake location to buy or sell silver coins.

You don’t want to be an unwilling participant of purchasing Fake Silver:

Testimony below courtesy of Silver-Coin-Investor.com.



Here we go.  With worldwide physical demand for the poor man’s metal surging and the US Mint about the run out of silver eagles any minute now- again, we received the following from reader Simon.

Nothing like a counterfeit coin scare to further quell excitement in those who have not otherwise noticed the not-for-profit, right on schedule, drubbing handed to paper silver this year.


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