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Silver coins are the most popular way to circumvent against price increase and balance selection risk in these turbulent financial times we live in.

It traditionally been the most reasonable valuable metal. Not like with Gold, Silver has exclusive properties, which make it a perfect and important venture for global industry. It creates a condition where there is merely no alternative.

Silver has incredible industrial applications. It is utilized in almost everything from phones to computers to medical devices. As the world of technology continues to grow, a greater demand for more silver is created. These applications make it an ideal “tangible” investment.

The government found it so useful, that until 1965, Silver coins were made of 90% silver. As the price of Silver started increasing and approaching its monetary value, the government replaced our trusted Silver coin with a coin made of worthless metal. Shortly thereafter, the American public started hoarding coins made prior to 1965. During the large Silver melts of the 1980s, millions of these coins were refined into Silver bars and other forms. Since then, these items have become more scarce and more desirable. People realized that the our “Fiat Money System”, which has no real value of its own, will eventually become less important and invaluable when compared to a coin containing precious metal.

Many people purchase coins with Silver as a hedge against inflation, and the understanding that they may need them for bartering in the future. Pre-1965 coins would be the most widely recognized and easily traded forms of silver due to their small size and ease of liquidity.

Jewelry, Diamonds and Coins – also known as Gold and Jewelry Direct – has 40+ years experience tailoring coin packages for investors of all portfolio sizes.

Two of the most common questions we receive on a daily basis:

Answer –
1) Different classes of silver coins.
2) What Silver coin will fit my budgetary allowance and overall goals.

Answer – 
There are four essential types of silver coins:
1) Numismatic Silver Coins
2) Silver Bullion coins
3) Semi-Numismatic Silver Coins, Pre-1964 Junk Silver Coins
4) Silver Bullion Coins

Normally consists of a silver fineness of .999 or higher and are measured as pure silver. Through silver bullion coins, there are only two layers of cost: valuable silver metal content as well as, dealer premium.

Moreover, silver bullion coins are used to compromise with transparent two-way purchase and trade prices based on the market price of physical asset grade silver. Numismatic silver coins are generally purchased by coin collectors.  Some unusual coin values are subject to several factors outside of the silver spot cost. There are usually composed of three layers of cost assembled into the price of silver numismatic coins: numismatic premium, metal content, and dealer profit.

Some collector coin experts are usually lifetime coin collector aficionados who have several years of expertise that sharpening their trade. There are quite successful players in such arenas; they naturally have decades of knowledge and expertise. Semi-numismatic silver coin worth is based moderately on their semi-collector coin rate and primarily on the transparency of their silver bullion content.

Finally, there are pre-1964 junk silver coins such as dimes, old quarters, Morgan dollars, Franklin half dollars ranges from 35% up to 90% silver and are not totally in .999 fine silver, which is good silver investment as well as, silver industry demands. Since 1980, silver investors who didn’t have switched the silver with at least 30% discount to the silver spot price provide that most silver refinery.

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