How to Easily Identify Silver Coins in Circulation

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How to Easily Identify Silver Coins in Circulation

Each day, millions of coins circulate through the hands of Americans as they buy their daily coffees, tip their baristas, and go about their lives. Yet, most people are unaware that valuable silver coins may be hiding in their pocket change, and they let these treasures slip through their fingers. However, by following a simple rule, anyone can easily identify silver coins in circulation.

The easiest and most reliable way to determine whether or not a coin contains silver is to check the date. Up until 1964, United States dimes, quarters, and half dollars were ninety percent silver. This means that any dime, quarter, or half dollar from 1964 or earlier is primarily composed of silver and consequently worth several times face value. In addition, half dollars from 1965 to 1969 are forty percent silver. While this is significantly less silver than used in earlier coins, these coins are still worth more than their more recent counterparts, which are made from inexpensive metals like copper and nickel.

While the worth of such coins fluctuates in accordance with international silver prices, many buyers are willing to pay approximately ten times face value for ninety percent silver coins and four times face for forty percent silver. Therefore, a 1963 dime could be sold for one dollar, although it appears to only be worth ten cents. Coins from certain years may also be of interest to collectors, so one should always research a coin before selling it for the silver value because it may be worth even more.

By simply taking a moment to check the dates on all dimes, quarters, and half dollars that one comes across, anyone can find a piece of hidden treasure and make a profit, begin to build a collection, or simply enjoy a piece of American history.

And if you’re still unsure, feel free to bring your coins to one of our locations (Algonquin or Crystal Lake)  and we can help you further identity if there are any coins of value.

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